Terms of Service

Customers are expected to backup data prior to service.  Computer Geeks is not responsible for customer data on service of any kind including missing, corrupt, moved and/or copied data.  If necessary, data backup/recovery is available (programs not included), however Computer Geeks is not responsible for the integrity, validity, or existence of said data. 

When authorizing Computer Geeks to conduct work, customers should assume all liability and responsibility caused by any service.  Computer Geeks is not responsible for returning systems to new factory-direct standards cosmetic or otherwise. 

Symptoms and customer suspicions will be taken into account when addressing issues; however technicians are required to follow standard protocol to thoroughly diagnose problems.

By electing for service, customers are authorizing Computer Geeks to perform normal diagnostics which may reveal previously unforeseen problems and/or component failure that is in no way the responsibility of Computer Geeks.

Customer’s understand they are paying for the technician’s labor time required to address issues, and not for the resolution directly.

One hour minimum labor charge on service of any kind, regardless if the issue is resolved quickly.

In accordance with industry standard, payment is required at check-in to initiate service.

No “while you wait” in-shop service (an hour of shop labor is a billable hour, not real-time).

Computer Geeks is not responsible for any hardware failure outside the manufacturer’s warranty while under our care, as well as anything occurring outside the scope of the requested work.

Computer Geeks is not responsible for specific stipulations and/or custom configurations (i.e. VPN, proprietary business software, dial-up connections, etc) unless they are clearly relayed prior to service.

Computer Geeks is bound only to address the specific work ordered by the customer at the time of the initial service inquiry.  Additional service requests can be performed at the discretion of Computer Geeks as an extension of the initial job, or as a separate service order.

Customers understand that any operating system installation, upgrade or update as well as hardware changes of any kind can result in data loss or corruption, OS corruption, system instability, or system failure and is in no way the responsibility of Computer Geeks.

Technicians are required to verify satisfactory completion of work multiple times via redundant testing to ensure the matter has been properly resolved.  Accordingly, customers must allow ample time for thorough confirmation.

Customers will be contacted at the completion of in-shop service, and alerted systems are ready for pickup.  If contact is not made, systems are not yet complete.

Upon signing the service order at the job’s conclusion, customers “acknowledge the satisfactory completion of the described work.”

Computer Geeks is therefore not bound to address any future problems related to work previously completed, and acknowledged as satisfactory, by the customer.  Said issues are new service inquiries and the prescribed service rates apply.

*Environment, user error, virus and malware infections, moving components, irregular power, ISP problems, intermittent hardware failure, system file damage/corruption, software conflicts, customer failure to perform preventative maintenance and other factors beyond the control of Computer Geeks can contribute to such issues and are not the responsibility of Computer Geeks during or after service.

Computer Geeks guarantees its service and stands behind the workmanship of our technicians.  However, service warranties are not extended after release due to the factors listed above and others beyond the control of Computer Geeks.
Viruses, adware, spyware, and malicious software are under no circumstances or condition covered under warranty.

If it is determined by Computer Geeks that satisfactory completion of the described work was not provided, it is the sole discretion of Computer Geeks as to how to remedy the situation.

Computer Geeks is not responsible for any items left over 30 days.  A storage fee of $1 per day will be assessed on any item left over 15 days from the completion of service.  Any item left over 30 days will be disposed of at the discretion of Computer Geeks.